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Unfortunately, we do not. The nature of this type of product doesn’t allow for it. We have included all necessary warnings and advisories on our labels and information cards. However, if the issue is a product defect or product error, please get in touch so that we can make it right!

Absolutely! Please reach out: connect@nourishedmagnesium.com

OOPS! Let’s fix that asap! Please make us aware by emailing us at: connect@nourishedmagnesium.com

Let’s discuss this. Please reach out: connect@nourishedmagnesium.com

We use only pure and healing ingredients from the earth. For best shelf life results, avoid leaving your product in heat or direct sunlight. Avoid leaving it for extended periods of time in places such as the car, in the outside elements, near a heater or fireplace, all of which potentially pose intense temperatures.

Our bodies excrete any Magnesium that is not needed, therefore overdosing isn’t a risk factor. However, we do recommend starting slowly and working to a larger dose over time. Orally, when we take too much we may notice that our body excretes it through loose stool, however topically, this is a very rare case. Start with the minimum dose recommended on the label, and work your dose up to what you consider to be beneficial for your needs.

This is a very common reaction to the initial uses of topical magnesium. It is, after all, similar to being in a very salty ocean. This sensation usually subsides within a few uses. If it is bothersome, try to wait 20 minutes for full absorption, then wash off or apply a lotion. In rare cases, this reaction can also be experienced with sensitive or irritated skin. In this case, experiment with diluting the product with diluted water for the Magnesium Spray or with an oil/cream such as coconut oil for the Magnesium Creams.

Apply to the lower abdomen for uses that don’t have specific “areas” such as sleep, general supplementation or anxiety, as magnesium is absorbed by our intestine. Otherwise, apply directly over any area of concern, including arthritis, sore/tense muscles, restless legs, growing pains, muscle spasms, etc. Consistent use will provide the best results! Using minimally one to three times per day, depending on the level of severity, is recommended.​

Apply as often as needed. Applying once daily is the minimum recommendation. We recommend starting with the minimum doses written on the product labels and increasing the dose slowly, over time, until best results are experienced.

Both the Magnesium Spray and the Magnesium Cream have similar concentrations of magnesium. For general aches and pains, sleeplessness, restless legs, muscle spasms/tics and stress/anxiety management, the Magnesium Creams and Sprays work equally, regardless of which scent you choose.

The Magnesium Creams with Arnica are recommended for pain and inflammation that is considered moderate to severe. These products contain the same amount of Magnesium as our other products but with the addition of Arnica, they are an extra strength offering for pain and inflammation. Apply as often as needed over the area of concern.

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