How can nourished's magnesium arnica cream help?

Arthritis & Joint Pain

Magnesium is proven to lessen the sensation of pain. It’s also shown to contribute to the health and restoration of the cartilage that protects the joints and to the improvement of arthritis. (2) Regular application of our Magnesium Arnica Cream can be a direct path to relief.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Calcium can activate the nerves that sense pain. Arthritis can be caused when there is a build up of calcium that isn’t able to enter the bone. When an NMDA (found in nerve cells inside our body) receptor is activated by calcium, it sends a message of pain to your brain, however this can be stopped quickly when Magnesium is added to the equation. When our NMDA receptors are occupied by Magnesium, the nerve pain is switched off. Only the NMDA receptors are affected in this way, so other crucial information can still be transmitted to the brain as needed. (1)

The benefit of using Magnesium is that it doesn’t cause the common digestive side effects of other pain medications. It also does not pose the risk of addiction. Magnesium actually does our bodies other favours by contributing to over all health in many ways. It can actually help to restore and repair the cartilage around damaged joints.

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Muscle Pain and Tension/Muscle Cramps


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Leg Muscle Pain

Chest and Arm Pain

Menstrual Cramps

Muscle Cramps/Spasms

Tendonitis in wrists and elbows

In the following video, Dr. Kathleen Akin shares the results that magnesium has on sports injuries, muscle pain & spasms and more.

There are sufficient studies to show that Magnesium is successful in relieving muscle pain. The benefits of using a natural topical pain reliever are that there are no digestive discomforts, there is no limit on how often our products can be used and there are no potential health risks associated with the ingredients such as those that are posed with conventional pain relievers.

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Blunt Force Trauma

We’ve already talked about how Magnesium can reduce muscle pain  and inflammation as well as speed up recovery. See: 

The benefit to combining Magnesium and Arnica is that arnica has the long standing reputation for reducing bruising and swelling at the site of traumas and injuries. Applying as soon as possible after an injury could be the key to avoiding a lenghty road to healing! (1)(2)

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Restless Legs

Aching, “crawling”, itching and cramping sensations in the legs are symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. (1)

Magnesium acts as a natural muscle relaxant (2). The benefit of using topical magnesium is that you are able to avoid the side effects that some experience when taking this wonderful mineral orally.

Common prescriptions for RLS come with their own lists of potential risks such as digestive disturbance and even addiction in the case of opioids. Another benefit to using topical magnesium for this purpose is that contrary to most medications, our products are safe to use as needed.

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Growing Pains

Growing pains tend to affect the muscles of the legs in children. They are most commonly experienced in the late afternoon or early evening. These pains can even wake children from sleep when they are intense. Anyone who has children knows how awful it feels to see your child in discomfort. It’s made even worse when the pain is experienced while we’re all tired and needing rest.

Likewise, giving our children medication on a regular basis, doesn’t feel great. There are so many unknown to us ingredients to consider and then there are possible side effects.

Magnesium is something that each and every body actually needs on a daily basis, since our bodies do not produce it. And Magnesium is proven to act as a natural muscle relaxant (1) quickly restoring comfort and the ability to rest.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can be experienced as a dull ache or an agonizing throbbing. It can affect many elements of our lives including work life and general, necessary functioning.

Psychology Today states that Chronic Pain generally lasts three months or longer and they go on to mention that it can lead to cognitive problems and in some cases, depression.  (1)

Excessive stimulation of a brain chemical called NMDA is a major contributor to the sensation of pain. There are few medications that help to decrease this the actions of this neurotransmitter and they all pose significant side effects. Magnesium has shown it’s ability to settle down the NMDA without the potential effects of medications. (2)

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Nourished’s philosophy

Nourished magnesium rich products are ​crafted with the philosophy that what we put in and on our bodies has a direct impact on our health and well being. Nourished is committed to using ethically sourced, non-toxic,
​GMO-free ingredients.

Magnesium for Muscle Pain & Relaxation.

Muscle pain can be experienced in practically all areas of the body. This includes our back, shoulders, calves, hands and even our feet. Implementing regular exercise and stretching and respecting our body’s limits can play a role in keeping this type of pain managed. However, there are some contributors to muscle pain that cannot be managed through outside actions.

Inadequate levels of magnesium, also known as a magnesium deficiency, can cause tension and pain in our muscles along with muscle spasms/tics.

Intense muscle contractions, cramping (including menstrual cramps) and even Restless Legs Syndrome have been proven to be signs that there are insufficient levels of cellular magnesium, which is the magnesium contained within our cells. Inside of our bodies, there exists constant competition between minerals and nutrients. In the battle between calcium and magnesium, calcium always wins. When calcium accumulates in excess amounts, it can cause painful muscle contractions which are known to us as cramps, spasms and tics.

In simple terms – inadequate levels of cellular magnesium allows calcium to take control and create discomfort. This manifests as most types of muscle pain, tension, spasms and cramps. A fast, natural and effective solution and to soothing and preventing these symptoms could easily be the application of topical magnesium over the affected area. How does it work?

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