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"Nourished is committed to providing natural, non-toxic self-care alternatives that positively contribute to our well-being."


My name is Amanda and I’m the founder of Nourished Magnesium, Inc.
The past 5 years since birthing this business have been life altering, and have created a deep desire to assist people in their constant quest for a quality life and relief.  Like so many others, this has also been my personal quest, as I have nerve compression in my arms which can prevent me from lifting, carrying and enjoying many activities, even from sleeping.
Years ago, things looked very different. I was struggling with different symptoms, like poor sleep, chronic neck tension and digestive issues. I was using various synthetic products & prescriptions, only to have the problem reoccur a few months later. I was stuck in a revolving door and like so many others, did not know the way out. But I knew there had to be a better way. 
Fast forward to a little soul that chose to enter the world through me and transformed my life! Carrying my daughter within me brought forth a new sense of awareness and the drive to research the impact of using synthetic products on my body. I was surprised to discover a creative side of myself, inspired by this little one inside of me and by the powerful healing powers of nature’s elements. With this new found information, I began to design Magnesium products that truly offered relief for the benefit of myself and my close family members suffering with discomforts such as arthritis, debilitating muscle cramps and insomnia. Very soon, family and friends were asking for these products, knowing our success with them and responding with astounding feedback, prompting me to turn this hobby into my first ever passion-driven “job”. Nourished Magnesium products were designed for those I hold dearest in my life. Rest assured, when you purchase one of our products, you are receiving a product created with loving intentions and one of the most potent healing minerals that exists.


- Amanda Rhyno, Founder & CEO Nourished Magnesium


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