Nourished Magnesium

Relieve + Relax Magnesium Set

Set includes:

Magnesium Cream with Arnica (100ml)

Magnesium Body Spray (100ml)

Magnesium Mini Roll-on (5ml Crown Relief)

An uplifting and feel good way of finding relief, naturally. Relieve tensions, muscle soreness, and relax into a calm state with our best selling Magnesium self care. This bundle is perfect for muscle + joint pain, healthy sleep, and stress / tension.

Magnesium + Arnica Cream - Powerful solution for muscle + joint pain, nerve pain, RLS, stress / tension, and daily supplementation. Natural & highly bio-available Magnesium Chloride with natural Arnica extract for fast and complete absorption 

Magnesium Body Spray - Quick-drying, easy-apply solution for on the go. Natural essential oil base with the same highly bio-available Magnesium solution for easy application after workouts, before bed, while travelling, and anywhere life (and more energy) takes you 

Crown Relief - Our mini Magnesium roller for relieving symptoms of tension headaches, stress, anxiety, panic. Made with a formulated blend of essential oil fragrance for inducing calm, and highly bio-available Magnesium chloride 

All Nourished products are made with care in Atlantic Canada using the purest, natural, earth-derived Magnesium

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