Magnesium for Muscle Pain & Relaxation

Muscle pain is something we all experience from time to time, and it can range from mild to excruciating. While it stands as one of the most common discomforts, muscle pain is not something that should be ignored. It can result in a consistent loss of sleep, an inability to do one’s job and can even lead to more debilitating conditions such as anxiety and depression. Some muscle aches and pains will go away on their own within a short time, but some muscle pain can linger for months.

Muscle pain can develop pretty much anywhere in the body, including our neck, back, legs and even our hands. There are preventative measures that can play a part in keeping muscle pain at bay, such as: regular stretching and exercise, acknowledgement of our physical limits, and living a generally healthy lifestyle. However, that being said, a lack of sufficient magnesium in the body (known as magnesium deficiency) may be causing muscle tension, tightness, and even spasms.

When there isn’t enough magnesium in our cells, calcium can take over – causing painful and spontaneous twitching, cramping & tightening.”

Everything from muscle knots and cramping to painful contractions and spasms can be a sign that your cells do not have enough magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are in constant competition within our bodies, as they bind with the same proteins that are present within our muscles. When we have any significant build-up of calcium, it can cause our muscles to start over-contracting – which then leads to painful or uncomfortable spasms and twitches.

Simply put – when we have a lack of magnesium in our cells, the calcium starts to take control. That’s when we start to get fits of painful, spontaneous twitching; along with possible cramping and tightening. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, applying topical magnesium could be the fastest, most efficient solution.

“Customers who have discovered our products continue to report fast, long-lasting results that have earned the trust of topical magnesium to have a permanent place in their lives.”

While magnesium is available in a number of different forms, some may not provide the results you’re searching for – and others can even cause digestive discomfort (ie. nausea, stomach upset, loose bowels, etc.)

This is why we are so passionate about the power and potential of our topical magnesium line! We offer cream and spray options, both are easy to apply directly to areas of discomfort or general areas of the body (lower abdomen or feet) for optimal absorption. Topical magnesium is a welcome, convenient addition to your gym bag (for post-workout pain relief), briefcase (to deal with screen time-induced neck tension) or handbag (to tackle troublesome pain throughout the day). It can also be an absolute lifesaver when kept on your bedside table, as muscle and joint pain for most seems to be amplified at night.

Customers who have discovered our products continue to report fast, long-lasting results that have earned the trust of topical magnesium to have a permanent place in their lives.

Pro-tip: The addition of arnica to our standard Relive & Relax Magnesium Cream formula creates an extra strength offering for those who experience moderate to severe muscle and joint pain. Both versions of the cream contain the same amount of magnesium; the arnica is an added benefit for folks dealing with chronic or intense pain and inflammation.

Do you have any questions about how topical magnesium products can help you to find the relief you’ve been searching for? Reach out any time  – we’re always happy to help!

In health and happiness,
Team Nourished

An Open Letter: Restructuring & Finding Focus

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To our fans and friends; to everyone who has continued to support and believe in Nourished…

Nourished Magnesium is my 5 year-old passion project. It was born shortly after my now 6 year-old daughter was born. The fire to bring it to fruition sparked quite early on in my pregnancy when I became increasingly aware of how certain products that I used to soothe pain and discomfort had potential risks for my health and body.

I dealt with discomfort from the pregnancy and my family had their own laundry lists of aches and pains, as well. When I stumbled upon the idea to create a line of topical magnesium products, it honestly seemed too good to be true. Magnesium had the potential to benefit folks experiencing everything from muscle pain and inflammation, to restless legs and growing pains – and that’s just naming a few.

In most cases, topical magnesium provides results almost instantly. As powerful as these products are, though – it has been challenging to turn this into a business venture. My unconditional love and trust in these products is what makes it possible for me to push forward through constant challenges; challenges that have definitely forced me to reevaluate and reconsider the best direction to take on a number of occasions.

It’s a progressive product, one that hasn’t gotten much recognition or coverage in mainstream media. Topical magnesium is still finding its place in the market, so I work really hard to focus on product awareness and education to get folks to trust in its abilities.

Heidi Jirotka

“As a company, we have encountered a substantial roadblock on a path to success that we worked so hard to carefully map out.”

Fast forward to present day. Life has changed for most of us, in a number of unique and unexpected ways. We shop more carefully, our ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ have evolved, and the way we choose to direct our energy/spend our spare time is completely different. It’s no surprise that, as a company, we have encountered a substantial roadblock on a path to success that we worked so hard to carefully map out. The past few months have posed the most significant challenge yet for us. We somewhat lost our footing and that path seemed to vanish from right underneath our feet.

You see, we grew this company at trade shows, markets and fairs. We met customers face-to-face and established trusting relationships. Those customers then became the key to growth; helping us by organically spreading the word, sharing unbiased thoughts and impressions of our products, and providing feedback that helped to fuel our motivation to push forward.

With change in the air, we haven’t been able to connect with customers in the same way as a result of physical distancing. We also don’t have a traditional storefront. We’ve had to devise a new plan to move forward with.

We feel so strongly that our products have a purpose in this world and that they speak for themselves – proving their potential within minutes of the first application. Magnesium is known as a powerful pain reliever, and has been for years; countless studies have been done all around the world. We are exploring new paths, and new ways to better connect with you – our valued customers – and with those who continue to suffer in silence; those customers who have yet to discover the bountiful benefits of topical magnesium.

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“Despite any lingering fear or confusion, I still feel a sense of absolute trust and love for our products and our mission.”

In a world currently controlled by COVID, Nourished now runs almost completely online, with support from local retailers and health practitioners who help to spread the word about our line. We are exploring new, innovative ways to celebrate this shift to mostly online sales and we look forward to continue engaging and connecting virtually with you.

Since the very beginning, I have felt completely guided by and 100% trusted in the potential of Nourished. I started this company when we had very little income, and I was also navigating a separation – all while raising a toddler.

I never felt fear. My trust in the benefits of our products was strong enough to prevent that. However, restructuring and rebuilding the business in a whole new way while having a child at home has allowed for a bit of fear to creep in. These are times when very little feels normal or routine for any of us. We feel things on a deeper level and we’re more aware of the fragility of everything we have always relied on and trusted in.

The most daunting part of it all? The fear of wondering how we can continue to create connections online that feel as genuine as the ones we spent so much time focus on realizing in-person. Our team is hard at work creating honest content that we hope you all will love. Blogs just like this, along with social media content that celebrates your success stories and highlights the beautiful benefits that our products can provide.

Despite any lingering fear or confusion, I still feel a sense of absolute trust and love for our products and our mission. It has always been the same since the very beginning. You, our incredible customers, have lovingly carried our company to where it is today – and we can’t thank you enough for that. The astonishing feedback, along with stories of relief and the ability to engage in life’s activities again; well, they have always reminded us of the purpose and need for these products. You continue to inspire us to continue forward with our company’s new path.

With so much gratitude and love for those that have been any part in our growth and success,

Amanda Rhyno
Founder/CEO of Nourished Magnesium

Why should you reach for topical magnesium in times of uncertainty and stress?

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How can magnesium support us while we work tirelessly to find our footing in 2020?

Stress and burnout are inevitable if we push ahead into an uncertain future without finding the time to take care of ourselves along the way.

Let’s talk a bit more about that…

It’s safe to say that many of us are probably feeling heightened levels of tension, stress, and anxiety as a result of the unexpected shifts in society. 2020 has presented a relentless barrage of forced change and evolution, and on top of that, we’re in the middle the most important civil rights movement of our time. The start of a new decade has presented us important opportunities to take action for social change and ended up giving us the shock we needed to see so much of what was amiss with the world around us.

Let’s be real, though. Before all of this, stress had already been a regular part of our everyday lives. We had been dealing with unhealthy expectations and societal pressures that made us feel like the only way forward was to focus on propelling ourselves and our careers forward; to always focusing on want we needed to achieve and how we were going to end up there.

Fast forward to June 2020, and we’re all starting to feel a strong sense of burnout. Not that we can afford to lose momentum, as there’s a fight for human rights underway, but we’re losing sleep. We’re finding it difficult to nestle into a routine. We may not be eating as healthily as we could be.

The last thing you’re probably thinking to do is to maintain your magnesium levels… right? Well, if there’s one thing you could be doing to take better care of yourself, it would be to make magnesium a part of your everyday routine.

We have all been programmed to accept stress as a normal fact of life. As something we all deal with; something that comes and goes when things simply get ‘busy’. That stress lingers, though, and it can have a profoundly negative impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Stress begets magnesium deficiency; magnesium deficiency begets stress

Research shows time and time again that stress is one of the leading contributors to a number of mental and physical illnesses(1). Stress is also one of the leading contributors to magnesium deficiency, which can lead to pain, discomfort and diseases that plague the human body. When you are magnesium deficient, you are more susceptible to anything from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) to something as debilitating as chronic depression(2).

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How can Magnesium help?

When we’re stressed, certain parts of our bodies tend to hold tension and become inflamed. This contributes to sensations of pain, stiffness, and overall escalation of stress. The NCBI studied the effects of magnesium supplementation on subjective anxiety and stress(3), noting that existing evidence (while limited) shows a clear connection in its ability to calm anxiety, anger, frustration and tension. It does this by assisting the entire body in achieving a relaxed state, including: the nervous system, muscle tension, cramping, spasms and even various types of inflammation. Imagine maintaining that stressed state while your entire body feels relaxed… it seems almost impossible, right? This is the power that Magnesium has over stress.

The magical mineral is trusted and recommended by conventional medical and natural practitioner communities alike. Not only for its ability to relax us in times of stress, but also for its ability to give us back the power to seek a much deeper sleep. For most of us, a lack of good quality rest is often the root cause for stress. That being said, by committing to giving ourselves the gift of sleep, we are then able to recognize and overcome many of the emotional/physical health challenges we face.

How does this all link back to Magnesium? Well, less sleep can cause stress, and that stress can cause a continued lack of sleep. Both of these issues work to quickly drain your Magnesium levels, preventing you from maintaining a sense of calm or ever reaching that relaxed state – meaning you likely won’t ever be well-rested or relaxed enough to slip into a restorative state of sleep.

We advocate for all types of Magnesium, both oral and topical. However, the truth is that when we take Magnesium orally, we lose much of it in the digestion process. Nutrients battle within our digestive tract for absorption and Magnesium is excreted via our urine. Therefore, we’re never able to fully absorb the entire amount of dosage we take orally. On the other hand, topical Magnesium is a wonderful compliment to oral Magnesium as there is no need for it to navigate the digestion process. Our customers report fast, effective, and noticeable results due to the superior absorption method. Furthermore, topical magnesium continues to be a favoured product amongst our customers for pain relief when applied directly over areas of discomfort.

So, you might be asking – how should I use Nourished Magnesium for stress management? It’s so easy – just apply the cream or body spray to the lower abdomen 1 to 3 times daily or apply locally to any areas of discomfort. Massage to absorb and you’re good to go!

(1) STRESS AND HEALTH: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological Determinants.
(2) Role of magnesium supplementation in the treatment of depression: A randomized clinical trial PDF.
(3) The Effects of Magnesium Supplementation on Subjective Anxiety and Stress-A Systematic Review.

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