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How to use transdermal magnesium

The rule of thumb is:

If you’re using it for an affected area of the body, apply directly to that area and massage to absorb.
If your specific use does not have an “affected area”, apply to abdomen and massage to absorb.

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Melissa Duggan

I’ve been experiencing low back and sciatic pain since January. I decided to try the Nourished Magnesium Spray and I have to say, it seems to be helping! I use it every night now!

Melissa Duggan
Lisa Marie Hamiton

I suffer from chronic back/hip pain I spray the magnesium lavender on inflamed muscles and within hours I feel it helps a lot

Lisa Marie Hamilton
Tabitha Lee

I have had amazing success with the magnesium cream for our 7 year old who had night terrors every single night multiple time since we started using this he has not had any

Tabitha Lee

quick TIPS:

If the Magnesium causes a prickling or itching sensation, massage some coconut oil in with it to soothe your skin. This sensation usually subsides within a few daily uses.

If using the spray, spray desired amount into the palm of hand, then massage to desired area, to prevent it from running.

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best used:

Any time of the day. Any part of body. Twice or thrice, if needed!​

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don’t forget:

The Magnesium Cream is the best choice for sensitive skin. If using on children or elderly, always do a patch test first and wait 2 minutes for signs of possible skin irritation. If using on Infants, use only on their feet.

Arnica magnesium cream

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According to recent research, the vast majority of North Americans are Magnesium deficient.

What studies prove that Transdermal Magnesium is effective?


A study looking at the significant raises in blood serum levels after using a Magnesium Cream daily: Click here.


And another… Click here.


A study on the effects of Transdermal Magnesium on Fibromyalgia: Click here.

“The problem is magnesium absorption, as well as magnesium deficiency in our diets. The soil in every country in the world except Egypt has been farmed to a point of magnesium depletion… Furthermore, magnesium salts are laxatives so that all of them may lead to a more rapid gut transit time. Magnesium needs to travel through the intestinal system slowly, so if the gut transit time is less than twelve hours, one is not likely to absorb the magnesium well.” – Dr. Norman Shealy (Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth)


Experiences and benefits reported by those who have used our topical Magnesium products for therapeutic uses include:

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Deeper & longer sleep


Relief from inflammatory discomforts


Reduction in headaches


Relief from muscle spasms and cramps


Reduction in stress & anxiety


Improved energy levels


Less muscle damage & faster muscle recovery in athletes